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By | October 20, 2020

When most people get to the age of 40, though sometimes it happens earlier or later, they begin to experience difficulty viewing objects closer to them. In fact, this problem is experienced a bit earlier for those people that do a lot of fine detailed work such as accountants. Now, this condition is usually known as presbyopia and it occurs when the circular muscles on your eyes’ lenses become less flexible over time making it difficult for the lens to focus up-close objects. So, if you have been experiencing this condition, then a pair of reading glasses will be absolutely necessary. Now, if you’re a beginner, then we believe you must be wondering where to buy reading glasses, right?

When most people think of procuring a pair or two of reading glasses, many wonder whether to buy the glasses online, over the counter, or as a prescription from a professional doctor. So, if you’re reading this and you’re wondering where exactly you can find a pair of reliable reading glasses, this short guide has pulled together several tips you might consider.


But First, Which are These Warning Signs That Tell You Need new Reading Glasses?


Just as we mentioned earlier, the lenses and the intricate muscles on your eyes lose their flexibility and elasticity as you age. This condition, usually known as presbyopia, can inflict stress on your eyes when you try to view up-close objects such as your television, tablet, Smartphone, laptop, and books. While some of the obvious symptoms you’re likely to experience include blurry vision, constant headache, and eye pains, this section, will discuss several other signs that can tell you truly need a pair of reading glasses.

  • Problem Focusing: One clear sign that you need a pair of reading glasses is when you notice you can’t read a text when it’s too close to your eyes. To read clearly, you might notice that you’re constantly changing your posture to try and view the contents clearly. So, if this is what you’re experiencing, a visit to your ophthalmologist will definitely be essential.
  • Blurry Vision: Although we had mentioned this condition earlier, blurry vision is quite common to both kids and aging people. In this condition, you may experience fuzzy vision when viewing objects that are either close or at a distance. Also known as astigmatism, this condition is another clear sign that can tell you truly need a pair of reading glasses.
  • Feeling Sleepy While Reading: Yes, you heard me well. This is another common sign that you truly need a pair of readers. You see, when you spend most of your time staring at your computer screen or reading a book, you tend to cause constant strain on your eyes that creates fatigue on the muscles of your eyes leading to sleepiness.
  • Need for Brighter Lights When Reading: In case you’ve been using a single stand lamplight for years but you’re now feeling like the light isn’t enough for you, then there’s a high chance you might be needing a pair of reading glasses. In most cases, this condition becomes prevalent as you age especially when you get towards the age of 60.
  • See Halos: Another clear sign that you might need a pair of readers is when you start seeing glowing circles around street lights and car headlights. This condition usually occurs when your eyes’ lenses are unable to focus light on your retina making your vision appear a bit blurry.


Best Places to Buy Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses


Off the Shelf Reading Glasses

The first way you can easily get reading glasses is by considering off the shelf glasses. Now, these types of magnifiers or reading glasses are affordable and readily available meaning you don’t have to spend a lot just to procure a pair. Unlike prescription glasses, off the shelf readers are specifically designed to assist people with presbyopia, especially those that encounter headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain when they try to view objects that are nearby.

But, before you can procure a pair, you need to schedule an eye test with a doctor to get an actual prescription for your specific condition. This way, you will have an idea of what type of lens strength you’ll need to get and whether both eyes require an equal prescription or not.

In case you’re already aware of what you’re looking for, then a pair of off the shelf reading glasses can serve as a cheap back-up for vision correction in situations where you can’t afford to risk your expensive prescription reading glasses.


Over the Counter Readers


Similar to off the shelf reading glasses, over the counter readers are affordable glasses that are bought in local drugstores and pharmacies. These glasses are also inexpensive, readily available, and are intended to take care of specific conditions such as presbyopia. The reason why they’re called over the counter readers is that you won’t require a verified prescription from your doctor just to get them.

Instead, all you need is to complete a simple online eye test by reading various texts on your computer to find the right level of magnification. From there, you can visit your local pharmacy and select a pair of readers with the exact magnification strength as per the online reading test.

One thing about an eye test is that it doesn’t give you the cause of your problem but rather the level of magnification you’ll need to consider when selecting over the counter reading glasses. Some of the benefits of considering over the counter readers include:

  • They’re inexpensive
  • Have a wide range of magnifying power
  • You don’t need an appointment or a prescription to get them
  • Offer a wide range of styles such as computer readers and reading sunglasses
  • Have a wide range of lens options
  • Best for back-up

Although we’ve mentioned that OTC readers are convenient in terms of price and availability, they do come with some flaws. One, if your vision condition is not identical for both eyes, OTC readers may not be the best as they may fail to offer different magnifying strengths for each eye. Secondly, finding the right pair of glasses to suit your specific needs may be difficult. Do you know why? Because each pair of readers has a specific magnifying strength that suits people who read for extended periods and those who read for just a few hours.


Prescription Reading Glasses


In most cases, people consider buying OTC readers when they’re found in an emergency. However, if your situation is not argent, then scheduling an appointment with your local optometrist for a comprehensive eye examination is a really great idea. During the test, your doctor will confirm with certainty whether your condition is presbyopia. They will also conduct regular tests on your vision to determine the exact pair of reading glasses that will suit your condition.

After your doctor examines your condition, they’re likely to recommend a pair of prescription reading glasses. Now, unlike OTC readers, prescription readers are a little more expensive. However, these reading glasses have a couple of benefits that make them generally the best over OTC readers.

  • One, after your doctor tests your visual acuity, he/she will prescribe a pair of custom-made reading glasses that will match the needs of each eye individually.
  • The lenses made in prescription labs are of much higher quality as compared to OTC readers. They also have sharper clarity making them the best for various eye conditions.
  • The frames of most prescription readers can be adjusted to fit users with different face shapes. This allows the optical center of both lenses to be placed in a central position to prevent straining your eyes when reading.


Procuring Reading Glasses Online


Another way you can procure a pair or two of reading glasses is by buying them online instead of OTC or prescription by a doctor. Now, procuring reading glasses online has several benefits some of which include saving a few dollars as well as saving your time as you won’t have to go anywhere in person.So, to get a good pair of reading glasses online, here are several steps you’ll have to follow.

  • Step One: The first step you need to follow when buying reading glasses online is to schedule an appointment with your optometrist to determine your specific vision condition. You can also complete an online eye test by reading different texts to identify the kind of lenses you’ll need to buy.
  • Step Two: Next, identify a reliable online retailer by reading customer reviews and visiting their sites to inspect their price range, deals, and types of reading glasses that are available on offer.
  • Step Three: When you’re done, create a simple checklist you can refer to when shopping for your reading glasses. Here, you can check the frame quality, the magnifying strength of the lenses, frame material, and your budget.
  • Step Four: Now that you’ve inspected the various types of reading glasses and potentially landed on a pair or two, the next step is to review the return policy as well as the product’s warranty. This is important because there are times when you might have to return the reading glasses in case they fail to meet your needs.
  • Step Five: Once you’re done checking all the required fields, you can finalize your procurement by completing your order.



As you can see, there are many places you can procure a pair of reading glasses. While some people may prefer OTC readers, others will prefer prescription readers while others will opt to consider online bought reading glasses. OTC and online bought readers on their side are affordable and readily available. However, they’re only “one size fits all” meaning they can’t be of great help in case of a dire situation.

So, if you’re looking for the best reading glasses that will take care of your visual condition, prescription glasses recommended by a professional doctor are the best way to go.

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